Thief Alert! Protect Your Blessings!

Be alert
  • Aren’t you so thankful for these days of electronic banking?
  •  I mean, can you imagine going to the bank with a ‘suitcase’!
    • ……to haul or lug the paper wads that you were just given…..every single time you needed to make a withdrawal!


  •  Can you imagine the number of ‘thieves and robbers’ that would patiently study your pattern……
  • And lie in wait to ambush you in broad daylight, en route to your final destination?
Apart from the fact that fear would terrorize you…….
  • What are the chances that you would make it home safely each time?……..especially in these desperate times!
    • Almost nil correct?…..
Well as it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual……
The Bible tells us to…

The Bible also warns us that……

So you’d better believe that the thief WILL show up every time you literally have your hands on a blessing from the Lord!
  •  That devil will mess with your mind and make you believe that you are not worthy!
  • You are!
 So be vigilant!
  • Every time you receive  a blessing from the Lord…..
    • First, recognize it!
    • Then, protect it…….from the enemy!


Know his MO (Mode of Operation)

NEVER go head to head with the enemy, just RESIST him with the Word of God!

So if Michael the Arch and Jesus the Lord didn’t
  • Errm…you’d better not!
    • Instead of fighting a losing battle, resist the wiles of the enemy with God’s Word…….
      • Because God’s Word are HIS promises to us, and HE promised that if we hold HIM to his promises in Faith, HE will honor them!
And just  by the way, God made us A LOT of Promises!……

And when you tire him out, the enemy WILL leave!…….

And you can ENJOY your well deserved blessings!

May the Lord

Peace & Love,

Emma B


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