Don’t forget to say Thank You!

happy thanksgiving

“…Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever…” (Psalm 107:1 NIV)

Mom: Sean!

Sean: Yes mommy!

Mom: Would you like some orange juice?

Sean: Yes

Mom: Yes what?

Sean: Yes please!

Mom: Here you go sweetheart!

Sean: Thank you!

Mom: You are welcome!

  • Sean is happy….
  • Mom is happy….
  • And they both lived ‘happily ever after’!

The End!

Sound familiar?

  • From the moment we began to communicate (in infancy), we were constantly reminded to say please and thank you…..
  • Somewhere along the way however, we lost it!……..
  • And replaced our ‘P’s and Q’s’ with a false sense of entitlement…..
  • Sadly, our false sense of entitlement didn’t result in a ‘happily ever after’……
  • But instead, it ended in disappointment!

Beloved, don’t you think it’s time to reclaim our ‘happily ever after’?

I know I do……

  • Let us go ‘back to the basics’ and recover our Please’s (P’s) and Thank You’s (Q’s).

So from me to you, here goes………..


“…..I thank the Lord with all my heart, in the assembly of His good people……” (Psalm 111:1 ERV)

Buckets of Love,

Emma B.


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Picture 2



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